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IM Coaching

IM Coaching is the name assigned to my coaching persona which is basically the manner in which I market my coaching efforts. My goal is to change the way people get help with problems or issues affecting their ability to find success on a personal level. I designed the I Market Coaching community to serve as a centralized solution offering live assistance, online learning, and options for obtaining local support for those who may be in need of some form of mentoring or coaching. In addition, I Market Coaching functions a home-based business solution for those interested in becoming a life or performance-based coach. This solution covers ten (10) different coaching niches and comes with training and tools needed to allow for a successful coaching business implementation. Read more here…


Coaching Services

Coaching Experience

I’ve spent the better part of my life learning how to be self-made, how to build something from nothing, consulting, and giving advice on navigating through the tough decisions. This is knowledge I feel that can be of use to help others change their lives.

Coaching Methods:

One-on-One Online & Online Group.

My Costs

There are costs and they vary depending on need. The most cost-efficient suggestion is to make use of the I Market Coaching community as registered students are able to communicate with coaches for a fee of $15 per month. This allows you to ask all the questions you want and to as many coaches before settling on one, or many, whom you feel are a fit for your needs.

Coaching Style

My coaching style take a hands-on approach to changing lives by using physical methods to identify elements in your environment affecting your ability to make life-changing decisions. This is a slight evolution to the 9 Environments of You originally created by Thomas Leonard. More Info: Wikipedia.

My Methods

Instead of 9 Environments, I target ten (10). From this, I’m able to use a variety of methods to help pinpoint specific elements and then show you how to use them to your advantage.

IM Coaching 9 +1 Environment Marvin Cummings


To inquire about coaching assistance, you’re welcome to use my online booking form to schedule an online meeting. In addition, I offer live private chat & a private forum for posting & replying to questions within the I Market Coaching online coaching community. Once you fill out the form I’ll receive an email and will respond to set up an online appointment to meet at your earliest convenience.

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