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I Market Coaching


I Market Coaching is an all in one business in a box solution I created which basically allows ANYONE to build a new coaching business from scratch, just as I’m doing. This community also serves as a completely new way in which to get coaching help. Anyone needing a coach to talk to can register to become a student and reach out to any available coaches via live chat. Coaches are encouraged to create courses to establish themselves as authorities within the communities. Creating courses is just one of many revenue-generating options available for coaches.


I Market Coaching is not a social networking community. Instead, it’s exclusive to paying members only. I did this to weed out what I consider to be the “free-loading” mindset created by social networks. My motto is simple

There can be no self-advancement without self-investment.

Having students willing to make a small investment to receive coaching which can change their lives is more important than a network full of people posting non-relatable, non-recyclable, & non-monetizable content. In addition, it gives coaches a chance to obtain clients as students have the ability to choose anyone they feel capable of addressing their needs through their chat or forum interactions.

Online Learning & Coach Marketing Community

Welcome to I Market Coaching, an engagement through learning community platform for those in search of coaching and those seeking to start an online coaching business.
This platform will provide the guidance and tools needed to help you start and grow and impactful coaching business, take you step-by-step through creating the infrastructure for your new coaching business, and help you be successful at gaining new clients as a coach.

I Market Coaching


The one knock you’ll find on my I Market Coaching community website is that it’s slow! It loads slow on both desktop & mobile devices and is an issue I’m working to resolve.  My goal up to this point has been to bring the idea to fruition. Not that this has been done I now need to proof & tweak it. This is an example of the “work in progress” I mentioned earlier.

This project, like others, is hosted on what’s called a virtual private server (VPS) and is in what I call “beta mode” to allow me the opportunity to prove my concept. For those of us on limited budgets, this is an example of the challenges you’ll face until able to move to more expensive cloud hosting platforms. At this point, I’m ok with losing people who choose not to be bothered or hindered by the slow performance as I understand that speed is important. My job at this stage is continuing to improve in this area. As I do those who choose to stick around will also encounter benefits.


I wrote a book about coaching! Would you like to see it? Here it goes! Seriously, I wrote a book called The I Market Coaching Usage Guide & Coaching Kit. It’s more of a kit as it contains three (3) different ebooks all centered around becoming a coach and using the I Market Coaching community to launch and grow your coaching business. Instead of writing & selling you a book on becoming a coach, I decided to use give you A – Z guidance and instruction on using the community website to do everything from creating a new coaching account, creating a name for your coaching persona which includes your own chat & forums. There’s an ebook which covers the basics of coaching. There’s a coaching kit which is a collection of techniques you can use as a coach to engage students. There’s also an installation kit which are instructions on how to create courses, how to use the web hosting component built into the community to create your own coaching website, how to use the advertising agency to promote your new coaching business within the community. The kit also includes some coaching guidance to include coaching techniques that can be used for engaging students.


There are a ton of ways to generate revenue as a coach using this community. These include, but are not limited to, selling courses, charging students to meet, creating a website and placing Google AdSense or Bing Ads, placing affiliate ads, the list goes on. It’s up to the coach as there are no limitations.

I Market Coaching eBook, Coaching, Installation Kits

eBook, Coaching Kit, & Installation Kit

Become a Coach. Find a Coach. Change Your Life!

A “scorched earth” approach to Coaching.
A new multi-purpose coaching platform.
The development of new coaching personas.
The promotion of marketing coaching strategies.
A client acceptance policy based on learning through accessibility, inclusion, & affordability.
A brand that becomes the staple of coaching.


The I Market Coaching platform is NOT a social networking or network marketing (MLM) platform. I want the primary focus of this platform to be about changing lives of the people willing to invest in this effort. If a student is willing to make the investment then coaches need be as well! There are no requirements & No one gets disqualified on this platform! Those who choose to become coaches should first be committed to helping people change their lives. This means putting in the work needed to establish yourself as an authority in this niche. There are costs to create courses, websites and advertisement banners. You should approach this is as you would any other business creation, marketing, and advertising effort. Even though you’re building something from scratch you should take pride in this effort!

Below is a list of prices I’ve set for coaches & students within the community. These are subject to change once I get a feel and start to receive feedback from students & coaches.


Student Registration & Community Access includes unlimited chat, forum postings, group postings, and unlimited access to FREE courses & hosted events.

$15 Per Qtr (3mos)


Coach Registration & Community Access includes unlimited course creation, a forum & chat groups, and the ability to create websites for premium courses

$25 Per Month

Web Hosting

The Web Hosting services offer coaches an option to create websites to promote their coaching business, ebooks, or premium courses. These are revenue-generating options.

$10 Per Month


The Advertising Agency provides coaches & business owners with an option to promote their businesses using scheduled advertising banner campaigns.

Ads priced per slot.

Email Marketing Services

I provide an email outsourcing option for those of us on limited budgets unable to afford to pay monthly for an email marketing service provider. Basically, each coach has the option to purchase a mailing list & autoresponder allowing them to build an email list as they continue to build their coaching business. This solution has limitations to include coaches not having the ability to manage their email lists. This is a “po’ mans” email marketing strategy as it forces you to share your list with others within the community. It also forces you to promote your efforts using news posts which are connected to the lists. As stated, these are shared so anyone creating a post can send to your mailing list as well as theirs.

$15 Bi-Monthly