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Promote the Beauty & Ugly of (b)eing yo(u)!

What is “bu”?

Beauty Ugly is an idea that evolved from the word “bu” which is part of a phrase I use every now and then to greet or acknowledge, someone or something that I favor. These are meant to be innocent and includes phrases like “hey bu”, or “what’s up bu?”, or “that’s my bu”. There’s another variation of the same word but it’s spelled “boo”. I’ve never cared about this spelling because it feels like the word is being used to scare or frighten someone, ie “boo!”. Nevertheless, I’ve always felt that the phrase “bu” could be used for something more than what I was using it for but never felt a reason to act on it. That is until it began to form itself into a vision I felt I could possibly convert into a wealth building project.

What is Beauty Ugly

Beauty Ugly is about being you and promoting the beauty & ugly of all that you do, see, say, and how you do, see, and say it. It’s not about being perfect, it’s simply about being you and promoting you, the individual! My goal is to get people motivated to take the steps needed to promote the beauty & ugly of their circumstances and if needed use those same circumstances to build their brand or business.

The Beauty Ugly platform is a dual-purpose marketing solution comprised of multiple services and components designed to aid in both the creation & amplification of personal marketing brands. I wanted to create a platform that allows those seeking to launch new businesses a place to test and grow their ideas from scratch under a brand that openly supports “work in progress” type efforts. In addition, I wanted to create a platform proving multiple ways in which to monetize marketing efforts. So even though you’re working to get an idea off the ground you can still monetize those efforts.

Brand Creation Challenges

What I’ve learned during this journey is that ideas change once you start working on them. Before you realize this you’ve spent money on apps, services, and solutions that no longer fit your new ideas. In addition, I’ve learned the hard way that not all business ideas can be created using a social networking platform and not all business ideas are built using affiliate & multi-level marketing strategies. Some ideas are different and require more complicated steps to implement. It took a while for me to learn that the ideas I had for my businesses didn’t fit in either of the options I just listed. Now I can say without a shadow of a doubt that every idea I have is meant to be a stand-alone brick & mortar solution. I figure others may feel this way so what I decided to do was create a platform on which you can build a platform upon which you can launch new ideas built from scratch and then promote them to their prospective audiences. This is the methodology behind the design of the Beauty Ugly platform.


Date Marketing Community: The dating community allows marketers to use their dating profiles to generate traffic to their marketing efforts. Revenue generating option.

Email Marketing Services: The email marketing service provides members with limited budgets with an option to purchase a mailing list hosted by the Beauty Ugly platform. Revenue generating option.

Market @Beauty Ugly

MarketPlace: The marketplace provides marketers with an e-commerce solution allowing the creation of stores to sell digital or physical products. Revenue generating option.

Jobs @Beauty Ugly

Micro-Jobs: The micro-job service allows marketers to bid on jobs created by community members. Revenue generation option.

Academy @Beauty Ugly

Online Learning: The online learning community allows anyone with a desire to teach to create and offer courses on a variety of subjects. This is an opportunity to test creating & selling courses as a source of revenue and can be done without a website.

Talent @Beauty Ugly

Talent Portal: The talent portal allows talented individuals to promote their talents within the community, create talent profiles within the talent portal, and bid on job requests. Revenue generation option.

I Market Beauty Ugly

Blogging Platform: The blogging platform contains over 50 niche channels designed to promote content marketing strategies to audiences of each channel. My goal here is to give those new to creating online content a platform to do so while they’re working to establish they’re brand. It’s one thing to create content on a social platform but another to create content designed to promote a new brand. The blogging channels allow you to sample various writing styles until one is found that supports the persona. Revenue generating option.

Web hosting services provide members with the ability to launch websites to promote various marketing campaigns. Plans are available to launch multiple websites say for promoting a business website, a new ebook, an e-commerce store, etc. The reason for offering multiple websites is to increase monetization options. If you have multiple marketing campaigns then you’re encouraged to add Pay Per Click ads, affiliate ads, and revenue generating options you can add on a website.

hey bu! what's your beauty ugly?

hey bu whats your beautyu ugly @beauty ugly

hey bu! What’s your Beauty Ugly?
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