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I’m Marvin Cummings [IM MC] and I created this website to journalize my efforts in the following new undertakings: Personal Coaching & Personal Brand Marketing. Personal coaching & brand marketing gives me a chance to do something I enjoy which is helping to create solutions to problems. In addition, I get to help build new brands, and amplify efforts surrounding the marketing of those brands to bring growth or success to the brand owner. This website will serve as the canvas to where I speak to the details of projects centered around these areas.

My Name :]

The one thing you’ll learn about my efforts is that they all have dual uses, meanings, & interpretations. So the naming of this website is intentional as it has multiple meanings serving multiple purposes. First of all, IMMC is me, Marvin Cummings. So I’m Marvin Cummings aka IM MC. Another meaning is I Market Marving Cummings meaning I’m marketing myself through my efforts. Here’s another one, I Market, Mentor, & Coach IMMC! IM Marketing & Coaching. Get it? 🙂

My Purpose

The primary purpose for this website is to document ideas & projects that I bring to fruition and share implementation methods which may be of use to others interested in pursuing the same avenues. More than anything, this website also allows me to think outside of the box and showcase my creativity in areas in which have little to no experience. I no longer believing in trying, failing, and quitting, as I’ve come too far and have invested too much time, money, and energy. I also no longer fear being embarrassed of my failures. Life is too short, just keep trying!

My History

In 2015 I finally worked up the nerve to quit my IT job as a Senior Data Center Engineer to work on some wealth building ideas I had hoped would change my life for the better. These ideas had been with me for a while and although I’d try to work on them while working my 9-5, I never really achieved any breakthroughs. So after 16 years working in the Information Technology (IT) field, I felt I reached that point where I had given all I had to give and decided it was time to make a change. Work-related circumstances coupled with the energy I had to complete my projects made the decision to resign an easy one.

My Professional Resume: http://marvincummings.com/resume/

My New Journey

This journey has been long, complicated, and costly due to the number of mistakes I’ve made and unexpected setbacks I’ve encountered. Some I’ll speak freely on and others I’ll take with me to my grave. The most important thing right now is this feeling of accomplishment I have for having navigated my way through some huge obstacles. It’s been four long hard years and I feel as though I’m finally in a place where I can start this next chapter in my life which is centered on helping others change their lives & build their personal brands as I am. 4 fuckin’ years! Each & every struggle experienced on this journey has forced me to question myself and my purpose. Talk about some dark days & hard times! I’ve tried and failed so many times I’ve lost count! Nevertheless, I get to live another day and try again.

My New Personas

I still possess a tech persona but have now dawned two new ones centered around Marketing & Coaching. Below are descriptions of each persona along with links to new coaching & personal marketing services I offer and two new platforms I’ve created.  These platforms are designed to serve as launching pads for those like myself who are looking for ideas for their next home based business. They allow you to build a completely new business from scratch and immediately begin the process of changing your life with little to no experience needed. These projects are work in progress and will be marketed as such. Take a look and visit as you see fit. I aim to use these platforms to help as many people as possible change their lives. My challenge now is learning how to do that as I work to change my own life.

IM Marvin Cummings Marketing & Coaching


General Life coaching centered on isolating & addressing mental, physical, or spiritual barriers, hinderances, or stoppages to either of the 9 +1 elements of your environment.

I offer live chat as a form of one-on-one coaching; group & forum coaching within the I Market Coaching community.

Personal Brand & Small Business Marketing consulting centered around the planning & development of single or multi-channel revenue generating products to include website platforms & mobile apps.

I offer live chat as a form of one-on-one coaching; group & forum coaching within the I Market Coaching community.

Technical consulting centered around the planning, deployment, and administration of infrastructure applications and systems for your individual, micro, small or mid-sized business.

Services include Microsoft Active Directory Services, Messaging, Systems & Operations Management.
Website Redesign. Coming 2018!

My Projects

iMarket Marketing

iMarket Marketing

The iMarket Network

The iMarket Network

iMarket Coaching

iMarket Coaching

Beauty Ugly

I Market Beauty Ugly

Muhammad Ali Alumni

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